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86% of Seniors want Rebate Reform According to Polling by CFE

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Center for a Free Economy commissioned a poll by McLaughlin Associates of 1000 likely voters over the age of 65. We found that 86 percent of senior citizens agree—with 68 percent strongly agreeing—that drug price discounts negotiated by insurance companies should be passed on to consumers to lower out-of-pocket expenses at the pharmacy counter. This is otherwise known as “rebate reform.”

The data is unambiguous, and elected officials have a clear responsibility to act. Ensuring the affordability of prescription drugs is vitally important to voters across the United States. In these times of uncertainty, policymakers should be enacting free market measures to drive down the costs of medicines for the American people at the pharmacy counter rather than resorting to government price controls that result in less health care and state rationing of health care. Government should never get between you and your doctor.

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