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75 Conservative Groups: “We oppose any carbon tax.”

Dear Members of Congress,

We oppose any carbon tax. A carbon tax raises the cost of heating your home in the winter and cooling your home in the summer. It raises the cost of filling your car. A carbon tax increases the cost of everything Americans buy and lowers Americans’ effective take home pay. A carbon tax increases the power, cost, and intrusiveness of the government in our lives.


Grover Norquist President, Americans for Tax Reform

James L. Martin, Founder/Chairman Saulius “Saul” Anuzis, President 60 Plus Association

John Droz Jr. Physician and Founder, Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED)

Marty Connors Chair, Alabama Center Right Coalition

Mead Treadwell Former Lt. Governor, State of Alaska Chair, Alaska Center-Right Meeting

Dick Patten President, American Business Defense Council

Phil Kerpen President, American Commitment

Thomas Pyle President, American Energy Alliance

Brent Wm. Gardner Chief Government Affairs Officer, Americans for Prosperity

Lisa B. Nelson CEO, ALEC Action

Ted Tripp Sr. Political Reporter, The Boston Broadside Center-Right Leader, Massachusetts

Hayden Ludwig Investigative Researcher, Capital Research Center

David T. Stevenson Policy Director, Caesar Rodney Institute (Delaware)

Garrett Ballengee Executive Director, Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Matthew Kandrach President, Consumer Action for a Strong Economy

Ryan Ellis Center for a Free Economy

Andrew F. Quinlan President, Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Craig D. Idso, Ph.D. Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

Olivia Grady Senior Fellow, Center for Worker Freedom

Isaac Orr Policy Fellow, Center of the American Experiment (Minnesota)

Tom Schatz President, Citizens Against Government Waste

Chuck Muth President, Citizen Outreach (Nevada)

David McIntosh President, Club for Growth

Craig Rucker President, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

Gordon Tomb Sr. Fellow, Commonwealth Foundation (Pennsylvania)

Myron Ebell Director, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Katie McAuliffe Executive Director, Digital Liberty

Robert Roper President, Ethan Allen Institute (Vermont)

Matt Patterson Executive Director, Free California

Annette Meeks CEO, Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

George Landrith President, Frontiers of Freedom

Adam Brandon President, FreedomWorks

Victor Riches President & CEO, Goldwater Institute (Arizona)

Rodolfo E. Milani Trustee, Founder, Miami Freedom Forum

Aaron Stover Director of Federal Government/Corporate Relations, The Heartland Institute

Mario H. Lopez President, Hispanic Leadership Fund

Jon Coupal President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (California)

Amy Oliver Cooke Executive Vice President, Independence Institute (Colorado)

Carrie Lukas President, Independent Women’s Forum

Heather R. Higgins CEO, Independent Women’s Voice

Chris Ingstad President, Iowans for Tax Relief

Becky Norton Dunlop Assistant Secretary of the Interior (88-89)

Sal Nuzzo Vice President of Policy, James Madison Institute (Florida)

Brett Healy President, The John K. MacIver Institute (Wisconsin)

Becki Gray Senior Vice President, John Locke Foundation (North Carolina)

Dave Trabert President, Kansas Policy Institute

Daniel Garza President, The Libre Initiative

Hon. Mary Adams Chair, Maine Center-Right Coalition

Heather Sirocki Outreach Specialist, Maine First Project

Dr. Jameson Taylor Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Brent Mead CEO, Montana Policy Institute

Tim Jones Chair, Missouri Center-Right Coalition Former Speaker, Missouri House of Representatives

Steven Stepanek Former Chairman, New Hampshire Ways and Means Committee Co-Chair, New Hampshire Center-Right Meeting

William O’Brien Former Speaker, New Hampshire House of Representatives Co-Chair, New Hampshire Center-Right Meeting

David Miller Chair, Southwest Ohio Center Right

Representative Niraj J. Antani The Ohio House of Representatives

Douglas Kellogg Executive Director, Ohioans for Tax Reform

Jeff Kropf President, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation

Wayne Winegarden, Ph.D. Sr. Fellow, Business & Economics, Pacific Research Institute (California)

Daniel Erspamer President, Pelican Institute for Public Policy (Louisiana)

Lorenzo Montanari Executive Director, Property Rights Alliance

Ralph Benko Founder, The Prosperity Caucus

Derrick Hollie President, Reaching America

Mike Stenhouse CEO, Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Paul Gessing President, Rio Grande Foundation (New Mexico)

Bette Grande CEO, Roughrider Policy Center (North Dakota)

Ralph Benko Editor, Supply-Side Blog Founder, The Prosperity Caucus

Hon. Paula G. Sutton Former State Representative, Maine House of Representatives

Rick Watson Chair, Tallahassee-Florida Center-Right Coalition

Jason Williams Executive Director and Founder, Taxpayer Association of Oregon

David Williams President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Judson Phillips Founder, Tea Party Nation

Hon. Jason Isaac Senior Manager and Distinguished Fellow of Life, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Christian N. Braunlich President, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy (Virginia)

Brian G. Valentine Associate Professor of Engineering, University of Maryland

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